792,885.5 Pounds of Polyester diverted from landfills!

Our Operations

Reducing Our Emissions

When it comes to our offices and distribution centers our footprint is quite small in comparison to our supply chain, however we are committed to fighting climate change across our entire value chain. If we want to work with the most environmentally sustainable factories, we need to be good partners and address our greenhouse
gas emissions from our end as well. Every bit helps. We’ll be working to monitor and reduce our energy use in our offices and distribution centers, and where possible we will look for opportunities to push for renewable energy.

Reducing Our Waste

From pallets to water bottles, offices and distribution centers have waste that is generated and needs to be disposed of. For a lot of these commonplace items that we throw away there is the opportunity to reduce or recycle what is generally being sent to landfills. We are working with our associates and distribution centers to ensure that everyone is doing their part to eliminate waste from our daily routines. We are starting with the basics, eliminating single-use plastic water bottles and disposable dishware from our offices. We are also using recycled pallets at our distribution center to reduce our impact on an item that is commonly discarded.

Increasing Logistics Efficiency

Products travel a long distance to finally get into our customers hands. For reasons of speed, costs and environmental impacts the industry is moving to identify opportunities to localize segments of the supply chain. We at GMC will certainly work to drive a localized supply chain, and to further reduce the overall environmental impact of our garments identify energy efficient transport where possible, requiring ocean shipping as a priority means for logistics transport and eliminating the significant emissions associated with air freight.