792,885.5 Pounds of Polyester diverted from landfills!

Our Partners & People

Increasing Supply Chain Traceability

The apparel supply chain is large, complicated and requires the coordination of many actors (i.e. from farm to finishing) just to make one garment. By understanding where and how are clothes are made gives apparel brands and retailers an opportunity to take responsibility, ensuring standard social and environmental practices are being met. We are dedicating ourselves to becoming a transparent company with visibility into our supply chain, tracing our tier one and two manufacturers while continuing to look further down the supply chain to the fiber level.

We believe in upholding standards that we feel should be demonstrated across our supply chain. All of our tier one factories are audited through a third-party social audit, that follow the International Labor Organization’s principles. By 2022, we will be requiring all our tier one and tier two facilities to utilize environmental assessments to monitor their environmental performance. It is these assessments that will inform our supply chain strategy and strategic sourcing partners.

Engaging Strategic Partnerships

No one company can tackle sustainability alone, rather it is through the collective work of governments, NGOs, industry associations and peers that impactful programming can be implemented for meaningful change. There
are a wide range of programs, tools and standards that are being endorsed through a large set of multi-stakeholders whose mission is to drive sustainability in the apparel space. In partnership with industry members, we
plan to leverage and scale these climate mitigating programs, tools and standards that aim to reduce the environmental impacts of chemical, energy and water use, across our supply chain.

Engaging Our Customers

Understanding the environmental impact of the clothes we wear isn’t the most obvious. We are the experts in making our products and is up to us to pass along our knowledge. We want to make sure that our customers are knowledgeable about our sustainability efforts, along with how they as can sustainably care for and dispose of garments and packaging. Our company’s ethos is to Be Active, Love the Outdoors, and we’ll work to embody that mission identifying opportunities where we can all be active, and advocate for our love of the outdoors. If you have any suggestions, we’d love to hear from you.