792,885.5 Pounds of Polyester diverted from landfills!

Our Products

Sourcing Sustainable Materials

Choosing materials is part of the earliest stage of the design process and we want to make sure we are making conscious decisions from the start. By incorporating more sustainably sourced material into our garments and packaging we’ll be able to lessen the environmental impact of our products. There are great alternatives that include recycled, recyclable, certified fibers and materials, among new innovations, that are measurably beneficial for our planet. GMC is at the start of a journey, diversifying our material use, working with sustainable options to reduce our fiber footprint. The company is committed to this endeavor and by 2020, 70% of our products will incorporate more sustainably sourced fibers.

Adhering to Chemical Standards

Chemicals are part of the apparel manufacturing process, from anti-odor features to simply the color of your shirt requires the input of chemicals. We are working to become more mindful of what is going into our clothing, and what is leaving our suppliers’ facilities. As part of our efforts to drive sustainability we are requiring adherence to a Restricted Substance List, and working with our suppliers toward the zero discharge of hazardous chemicals across our supply chain.

Embedding Innovative and Circular Design

The way we design clothes today puts pressure on our natural resources. There are new innovations and best practices for embedding sustainability into our business and we are committed to bringing those ideas to our products. No longer can we just think about how a shirt looks today, but we must challenge ourselves to think about what happens to a shirt when our customer is
ready to throw that shirt away. We want to be part of the solution, identifying the next stages of that garment, moving away from a linear supply chain, by envisioning the garments next life. We plan to work with partners to identify opportunities to reclaim used unwanted garments and identifying the best alternative to give those items a new use, avoiding ending up in a landfill.